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Engineer/Producer for some really big names back in the day:

Lee Scratch Perry, Black Roots, The Equators,

Jeff (skunk) Baxter,Tom Robinson,

Jesus Jones, Ingram, Count Prince Miller,Family Quest,

Street Sounds,William Bell, Kaballa,

Barry Upton, David Van day (Dollar),

Eddie Tenpole Tudor, Joe Dolan,

Mary Mary from Apollo440/Gay Bykers on Acid,

Steve Redman,Kevin macalea, Paul Hardcastle ‘

Kenny Lynch, Mike Stevens (Take That-MD)

and many many more

Currently I am back writing music, producing re-mixes,

 location recording and the odd cheeky Mash-up.

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Take me to the Mix and Blend Page

Before you check out the mixes and stuff on page 2 to here is a little bit about me:

 ©2016 Big up All friends, past and present.

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