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Welcome to the Mix and Blend page where you will find:

  Re-mixes-Original material and tunes from days gone by.                                              Click on the images below to hear the tracks:

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Big up all the London Pirates

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The media files posted here were created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not profit and not for general distribution. I am not the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks unless specified. If you like the mash-ups, go and support the artists by buying the originals...they sooo easy to find.

Representatives of either the artist or publishing company can contact me, and I will take these tracks offline.If representatives of either the artist or publishing company have concerns, please contact me. Leighfenlon@gmail.com

If you like the originals-then where possible they will be available for download.

Getting ready for a whole new sound in 2017!!!